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Positive Behaviour for Learning

Bathurst High is a Positive Behaviour for Learning School.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a school-wide behaviour initiative currently in use at a number of schools. It employs a whole school systems approach to address problem behaviour and reduce its effects on student outcomes and on the school community as a whole. PBL encourages positive behaviour from students, which has been shown to improve their self-concept and motivation to learn.

Bathurst High Campus is very proud to be a Positive Behaviour for Learning School. We are "Safe, Respectful Learners". Students receive specific lessons to support their behaviour and learning and this is related to the school's discipline code.

The school also believes in positive rewards systems but is very mindful of developing the concept of learning being a reward in itself. Our PBL recognition system is designed to give students positive reinforcement for achievement, effort or improvement.

Our systems to support positive reinforcement of behaviour and learning include:

  • Students receiving positive recognition from teacher for their day to day learning and behaviour. These are put on their Sentral record and can be accessed through the parent and the student portal.
  • Students are recognised for all their achievements at commendation assemblies.
  • Teachers award recognition and commendation certificates to students for outstanding achievement, improvement or effort.
  • Teachers will phone parents or send letters to acknowledge student excellence.
  • Students receive principal recognition for their semester reports and personal bests.

More information about PBL can be obtained by contacting the school.

How It Works

A Positive Behaviour for Learning Team meets every week. Explicit lessons are prepared and these are delivered by teachers in roll call through the week. The team focuses on specific behaviours and follows the PBL philosophy which is focussed on teaching positive behaviours in a positive way. The PBL team also focuses on data driven decisions.